A victory for hope and opportunity

Tuesday night delivered a victory – not for me, but for all of us and all of Oregon. It is because of your belief in a better Oregon and your support and hard work over the last year that Oregon chose the path that will lead us to a better future.

Collectively we spent countless hours delivering our message of hope and opportunity to citizens across the state. We talked about stable funding for schools, access to health care for all kids, ending our dependence on foreign oil, and fighting for more living wage jobs so all Oregonians can provide for themselves and their families. We also got citizens involved who never had engaged in the political process before, bridging old divides and developing new partnerships.

You reminded me throughout this campaign that Oregon’s greatest assets are its citizens. Because of your hard work, support and determination to never give up, we now have a great opportunity to invest in that greatest asset – our people – and make Oregon a place where we give our people a chance to take care of their families and provide the opportunity for our children to learn, be healthy and succeed in the world.

We have a lot of work ahead to achieve the goals we fought so hard for during this election. But I know we will be successful if we continue to work together and remind each other not to let the opportunity before us pass us by.

So thank you, again, to all of my supporters who worked tirelessly in this campaign, in every county of the state. Thank you for a spirited effort and thank you for standing with me to raise the flags of hope and opportunity that will guide us to a better future.

For Oregon,
Ted Kulongoski

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